Inspection and Testing is Carried out in several stages:

You can view our full procedure below which details all the inspections and observations which we carry out for each device.


Preliminary Visual Inspection

Visually checking the appliance for safety or damage to the plug, fuse, wiring, cable and protective case of the appliance.


The Flex

Is it in good condition? Is it free from cuts, fraying and damage? Is it in a location where it could be damaged, is it too long, too short or in any other way unsatisfactory? Does it have inadequate joints?


The Plug

Is the flexible cable secure in it s anchorage? Is it free from any sign of overheating? Is it free from cracks or damage?


The Flex Outlet

Is there any sign of overheating? Is it free from cracks and other damage?


The Appliance

Does it work? Does it switch on and off properly? Is it free from cracks, contamination damage to the case, or damage, which could result in access to live parts? Can it be used safely?


The Users

Are they satisfied that the equipment works properly?


The Environment

Is the equipment suitable for its environment?


Suitability for the Job

Is the equipment suitable for the work it is required to carry out?


On completion of testing, a detailed portable appliance inspection and testing report will be presented to your company. If testing is carried out over a number of locations nationwide, each site will receive a separate report for appliances tested. Our reports are well presented and easy to understand in the following format:

  • A smart front cover shows your company details and the location of the site tested along with the date of testing.
  • Then there is the Faulty Equipment Page which details any items that were faulty and needed fixing or replacing. It includes the items description and name for easy understanding.
  • The details of the inspection and test report. The register shows a description of all appliances that have been tested, the appliance location at the time of testing and the date and re-test date of testing as well as if it was a pass or a fail.


Each company or site will be presented with a Portable Appliance Inspection & Testing Report on completion of testing at a site, providing detailed information on each appliance in each department. Reports can be presented via email for easier storage and sharing or by hard copy through the post. Our report system will also act as an asset register to help keep track of all electrical appliances in your organisation.

Each appliance that passes inspection & testing will receive a safety sticker, showing all visitors and employees your serious obligation to Health & Safety issues.

We carry out the following repairs free of charge:

  • Providing and replacing a faulty or incorrect fuse
  • Providing and replacing a faulty or damaged Plug Top
  • Repairing a faulty connection to a Plug Top
  • Repairing a damaged flex or cable

A friendly aftercare service is provided to ensure clients are happy with the service they have received and to ensure all PAT Testing has been covered. Further to this, our central database will show when testing is due again at each site in your company. We will remind the relevant person when testing is due, in advance. Again we base our service on good communication with our clients.

It is our aim to ensure clients are happy with the service they are receiving at all times.